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Vehicle Mechanic Services Belconnen Canberra

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To ensure your vehicle continues to run in optimal condition, it's vital to undertake either regular or logbook servicing, as well as to constantly monitor its performance. Servicing is not only important for superior handling and performance, it also enables you to see whether or not your vehicle has any safety issues.

At Gibbs Auto Electrical, our mechanics have years of expertise in logbook and general servicing, as well as more specialised brake and transmission servicing. We service vehicles of all makes and models and have the latest technology.

Some of the many signs that can identify if your vehicle requires mechanical servicing or repairs are your brakes shuddering, the clutch slipping, vibrations when driving your car, gear shift either crunching or jumping out of gear or your handbrake slipping.

Whether your vehicle needs a major or minor service depends on the kilometres your vehicle has travelled and what's identified in your logbook for its make and model.

Our mechanics offer a wide and varied range of general and logbook automotive services that include:

  • Checking and tuning the engine if necessary
  • Topping up both the gear and differential oil
  • Analysing and making any brake adjustments
  • Oil, air, or fuel filter checking and changing
  • Flushing of the brake system of blockages
  • Assessing the fuel line
  • Analyse and reset ignition timing
  • Checking of fuel injection flow rate
  • Topping up grease
  • Checking for any compression issues
  • Assessing and flushing fuel lines
  • Checking and adjusting vehicle's tappets
  • Changing of manual gear oil
  • Checking for maximum pump pressure
  • Making any necessary adjustments
  • Topping up of all vehicle's fluids that are low
  • Tyre tread and balance check
  • Assess spare tyre for correct tyre pressure
  • Check and adjust brakes if required
  • On-road testing


Additional mechanical services we offer at Gibbs Automotive are water pump and timing belt replacement.

We are happy to customise our servicing and mechanical repairs to more efficiently fulfil your vehicle's needs and budgetary demands.

If you have any mechanical concerns drop in and see our experienced mechanics today. We can also book you in for a logbook or general service on a day and time that suits you. You can also call us or send us an email if you have any mechanical queries or questions you'd like answered.

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Why Chose Gibbs Auto Electrical Services?

Gibbs Auto Electrical Services has proudly offered a wide range of auto electrical services for your car, truck and motorbike for more than 2 decades now!  That’s more than 20 YEARS of faithful services to our Canberra ACT friends and neighbors!  Our commitment to providing the highest quality services to Canberra ACT is unmatched.  We even offer electrical services for your boat, trailer and even your caravan!

About us

Gibbs Auto Electrical Services

Gibbs Auto Electrical Services obviously offers auto electrical services, as our name indicates.  However, we provide so many more services for the maintenance of cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, trailers and caravans  other than auto electrical services, and we want our neighbors and friends here in Canberra ACT to know about them.


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